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At the May 3, 2017 Assessment Breakfast, Hunter’s 2016-17 Quantitative Reasoning Fellows (QRFs), Ern [Read More]

Narrative of instructive failed assignment as part of the Journal of Interactive Technology and Peda [Read More]

In this event capsule, Irene Morrison-Moncure and Jared Simard discuss taking their courses online. [Read More]

On June 5 – 7, 2017, we invite you to participate in a 2.5-day camp on building or refreshing your h [Read More]

Don’t miss this upcoming all-day event with a wide range of panels on pedagogy from CUNY faculty, st [Read More]

Keith Okrosy from Student Affairs/Career Development Services lays out a wide range of resources ava [Read More]

We often think of play as the opposite of the work that we do in the classroom as teachers or studen [Read More]

ACERT is pleased to host three CUNY colleagues whose work embodies the spirit of openness in scholar [Read More]

Quick on the heels of this week’s wonderful lunchtime seminar on embodied and mindful teaching, we w [Read More]

Learn about some of the major themes and fascinating projects covered in last Tuesday's Lunchti [Read More]


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